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jacob's revenge - wine bottle puzzle
jacob's revenge - wine bottle puzzle
jacob's revenge - wine bottle puzzle
jacob's revenge - wine bottle puzzle
jacob's revenge - wine bottle puzzle
pirate farkle dice game
Pirate Farkle           Price: $ 6.95

This farkle dice game is simple to learn and fun to play!  Roll them bones and
earn points for various scoring combinations, but be careful, mate -- if ye fail to
score, those points are gone.  Pirate Farkle awards double points for certain
scoring combinations, and the ability to steal points from your opponents!

Includes 6 dice (16 mm, 5/8"), black dice pouch, instructions and score sheet. 
For 2 or more players.  Ages 8 to adult.

This deluxe farkle dice cup is covered with black leather-looking plastic on
the outside and has a green felt inside lining.  Includes a twist-off lid so it can
double as a dice carrier!  Measures 4" tall x 3-1/2" across.

                                       History of Farkle

Farkle (also referred to as 10000 and Zilch) is a wildly popular dice game
of unknown origin.  It can be played with just a set of six dice and some paper
for scoring.  The rules are simple - providing the perfect mix of luck, strategy,
and risk-taking.


The player with the highest score above 10,000 points on the final round of play

                                     How to Play Farkle

Each player takes turns rolling the dice. When it's your turn, you roll all six dice
at the same time.

Points are earned every time you roll a 1 or 5, three of a kind, three pairs, a
six-dice straight (1,2,3,4,5,6), or two triplets.

If none of your dice earned points, that's a Farkle!  Since you earned no points,
you pass the dice to the next player.

If you rolled at least one scoring die, you can bank your points and pass the
dice to the next player, or risk the points you just earned during this round by
putting some or all of the winning die (dice) aside and rolling the remaining dice. 
The remaining dice may earn you additional points, but if you Farkle, you lose
everything you earned during the round.

Scoring is based only on the dice in each roll. You cannot earn points by
combining dice from different rolls.

You can continue rolling the dice until you either Pass or Farkle. Then the next
player rolls the six dice until they Pass or Farkle.  Play continues until it is your
turn again.

The final round starts as soon as any player reaches 10,000 or more points.
Farkle - America's Favorite Dice Game!

The scoring dice are (in a single roll):

ONES : 100
FIVES : 50
3 ONES : 1000
3 TWOS : 200
3 THREES : 300
3 FOURS : 400
3 FIVES : 500
3 SIXES : 600
STRAIGHT (1-2-3-4-5-6) : 1500
3 PAIRS : 750
2 TRIPLETS : 2500
3 FARKLES IN A ROW : Lose 1000

farkle dice cuo

This dice game has plenty of tricks and treats!  Any scoring combination that
is formed by the same colored dice is worth double points, but watch out -- if
you farkle, those points are gone! 

Includes 6 spooky halloween dice, black dice pouch, instructions and score
sheet.  Ages 8 to adult.
Yellow Farkle
Black Farkle
Ivory Farkle

Red Farkle
Green Farkle
Blue Farkle

green farkle dice game
blue farkle dice game
yellow farkle dice game
black farkle dice game
ivory farkle dice game
red farkle dice game
Price: $ 4.95
Price: $ 4.95
Price: $ 4.95
Spooky Farkle         Price: $ 6.95
Farkle Dice Cup         Price: $ 6.95
Price: $ 4.95
Price: $ 4.95
Price: $ 4.95

This card game combines the strategy of Farkle with the fun of playing a slot
machine!  Players earn points for Cherries and winning combinations such as
three Sevens and four Bells, but be careful -- if you fail to score, those points
are gone.  It's slots of fun, as long as you don't farkle!

These casino-quality cards feature classic slot symbols:  Cherries, Oranges,
Plums, Bells, Bars, and Sevens.  It also includes Double Wild Cards, which
represent ANY symbol, and doubles the score of any winning combination!

Includes 2 bridge-sized decks of Bandit Slot Machine cards, instructions,
and score sheet.  For 2 or more players.  Ages 8 to adult.
Farkle Bandit         Price: $ 4.95
pirate map bandana
Pirate Map Bandana         Price: $ 4.95

This caribbean pirate map bandana makes an ideal playing surface for our
Pirate Farkle dice game!  Measures 22" x 22".
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halloween farkle dice game