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Sudoku Royale!™ is a board game where players must use logic to figure out
the correct color poker chip for each square - guessing won't work!

The game starts by placing poker chips in some of the squares (these are the
clues).  The object is to fill in the empty squares so that each chip color appears
only once in each row, each column, and each 3 x 3 square.

              How Do You Play It? (click here)

Sudoku Royale!™ features a high quality 20" x 20" roll-up game mat (the same
material as mouse pads), 81 casino-sized poker chips, instruction booklet with 50
puzzles, and an attractive tote bag for easy storage and travel. 

Sudoku Royale!™ also provides an easy way to convert sudoku puzzles from
any book or newspaper into color!  For Ages 12 and Up.

                       SALE PRICE: $19.95

          A fun way to spend quality time together!

This game has ONE rule:
No COLOR can be repeated in
any row, column, or 3 x 3 square!
Put your thinking skills to the ultimate test!
Sudoku Royale!        List Price: $ 34.95
SLOTZY combines the strategy of Yahtzee® with the fun of playing
the slots!  Players draw cards and try to make scoring combinations,
such as: Three of a Kind, Four of a Kind, Straight, Full House, and
Five of a Kind - a SLOTZY!  Discard cards you don't want and try
your luck with new ones.  After the scores are tallied, the player with
the highest Grand Total wins!  SLOTZY is a fun game for all ages,
and ideal for a family game night.

These casino-quality cards feature classic slot symbols:  cherries,
oranges, plums, bells, bars, and Sevens.  The game also includes
Double Wild Cards, which can be used to represent ANY symbol,
and each one doubles the score of any 5-card combination!

Includes 2 bridge-sized decks of Bandit Slot Machine cards and
SLOTZY instructions.  For 2 or more players.  Ages 12 to adult.

Yahtzee ® is a registered trademark of Hasbro, Inc. and isn't associated with
the Elverson Puzzle Company.

Slotzy Card Game        Price: $ 4.95
A card game that's slots of fun!
Hot Pink Bunco Dice
Price: $ 4.95
Black Bunco Dice
Pink Bunco Dice
Price: $ 4.95
Price: $ 4.95
black bunco dice game
pink/white bunco dice game
pink/black bunco dice game
Want to make Bunco more fun?  Swap those boring white dice for these fun,
colorful dice!  Bunco Deluxe dice have squared corners, large easy-to-read
numbers, and measure 5/8 inch across.  

Includes 9 dice (3 pink/white dots, 3 black/white dots, and 3 pink/black dots)
and a black velvet pouch for easy storage and travel.  Pouch measures
3" x 4".  Ages 8 to adult.
Bunco Dice Game.
Bunco Score Sheet
Our Bunko Score Sheets are in PDF format.  Just click on the picture of the
Bunco Score Cards to open the file and print.  Four Bunco Score Sheets are
printed on a 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper.

Bunco Score Sheets are used to play Bunco.  Players record the number of
rounds they win and lose as a team, and the number of Buncos they score
individually, on their personal scorecard.  At the end of the game, prizes are
awarded for the most wins, most losses, and most Buncos.

                                  Game Overview
                        From: The Bunco Book, First Edition

Strictly speaking, bunco is a game of dice, played in rounds. Players take turns
rolling the dice and trying to accumulate as many points as possible to win
each round. The game is played at tables of four in competing teams of two.

Players score points by rolling three dice and trying to match the number
they're supposed to roll for that round. They get a point for each die that rolls
the number, and if all three roll the number they score 21 points. They also
score 5 points for rolling three of a kind of any other number. They get to keep
rolling as long as they score one or more points with each roll. Once they fail to
score they pass the dice to their left and the opposing team gets a chance to

During each round the teams at the Head Table try to score 21 points. The
first team to score 21 points wins the round and play stops. At all other tables
play stops when the Head Table play stops and the team with the highest
score at each lower table wins the round.

At the end of the round players change seats, the winners at each of the
lower tables move up a table, and the losers at the Head table move to the
lowest table. Players also switch partners at the end of the round, so you
never play with the same partner twice in a row.

During play, players track the number of rounds they win and lose as a team,
and the number of Buncos scored individually, on their personal scorecard. At
the end of the night wins/losses and Buncos are tallied and prizes awarded.
3 tables
12 chairs (4 per table)
9 dice (3 per table)
12 score cards (1 per player)
3 scratch pads (1 per table)
12 pencils (one per player)
game bell
fuzzy die
Bunco Rules
Bunko score sheet
Things you'll need
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