Sudoku Royale!™ is a highly addictive logic game that uses
colors instead of numbers to solve sudoku puzzles.  The game
features a 20" x 20" roll-up game board and 81 casino-sized
poker chips.  It can be played alone, or as a fun cooperative
game among family and friends.  The game can also be played
competitively with 2 or more players.  For Ages 12 and Up.

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Sudoku Royale!        Price: $ 34.95
color sudoku board game
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jacob's revenge - wine bottle puzzle
jacob's revenge - wine bottle puzzle
jacob's revenge - wine bottle puzzle
jacob's revenge - wine bottle puzzle
jacob's revenge - wine bottle puzzle
Round-Up        Price: $ 12.95
These are the ultimate Tangram Puzzles!  Round-Up consists of
eleven uniquely shaped tiles that have red, blue, and green spots
on the edges.  The challenge is to form a circle and other shapes
while matching the adjacent colored spots!

Round-Up tiles form a six inch diameter circle.  Attractive wood
tray included.  Ages 8 to adult.
Jacob's Revenge        $12.95
Log Stacker        $12.95
This puzzle is a classic!  The object is to make the ball touch
the cork.  It's extremely frustrating, but the solution is surprisingly
elegant!  Measures  7" tall.  Ages 12 to adult.
The Log Stacker consists of a finely crafted pine box and 13
different size logs.  The challenge is to fit them all into the box
and close the lid!  Two unique solutions.  Measures 7-1/2" long
x 2-1/2" wide.  Ages 8 to adult.
wooden puzzle box
Dice Stacker        Price: $ 12.95
These are no ordinary dice!  Each has been carefully designed
with a unique arrangement of spots.  The challenge is to form one
large cube having four of a kind on each side.  Another challenge
is to form one large cube having diagonals on each side that add
up to seven.  The odds of solving it are stacked against you!
Measures 2-3/8" x 2-3/8" x 2-3/8" when the eight dice are
stacked to form one large cube. Ages 8 to adult.
Round-Up Tile Game
Dice Stacker Puzzle
Farkle Deluxe       Price: $ 4.95
Farkle is a fun dice game that is easy to learn and highly addictive. 
It can be played with any dice, but what makes these dice special is
their fun colors.  These high-quality dice measure 5/8 inch across
and have rounded corners for the best rolling action

Includes 6 multicolored dice, instructions, score sheet, and a black
velvet pouch for easy storage and travel.  Pouch measures 3" x 4". 
Ages 8 to adult.
farkle dice and bag
original wine bottle puzzle
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