Log Stacker Puzzle Box
The Log Stacker puzzle is the kind of puzzle that makes you say,
"I can do that," then no one hears from you for hours, if not days!
It may look easy to get all 13 logs into the wooden puzzle box, but
we are sure that you will struggle with it for a long time!

If you find a solution (one that does not involve a saw), try looking
for another - there are two unique solutions!  Ages 8 to adult.
Letters from our customers...
" While vacationing in Vancouver, B.C., I discovered your puzzle,
Log Stacker.  At night in my hotel room I would struggle for hours
with the puzzle, so long and hard that I would get a headache.
I give up! "
                                                                      Oklahoma City, OK
" I give up!  I've been struggling for 2 whole days.  I can't even get one
solution.  This wooden puzzle box is a mega mind game.  I wanted to
know if you could give me only one answer."
                                                                      Philadelphia, PA

" I added the Log Stacker puzzle to my collection of wooden puzzles
about 3 months ago and still have not come close to solving it.  I am
stumped.  It's one of my best wooden puzzles. "

                                                                      Lauderhill, FL

Log Stacker         Price: $ 9.95
" I give up.  I purchased one of your Log Stacker puzzles.  Now my
shrink said you better send me the solution before I have to be put in a
straightjacket, and he means it.  If you need a note from him, he said
he will be glad to send one."
                                                                       South Elgin, IL
" Recently, I bought one of your Log Stacker puzzles.  So far, I could
not solve it.  Sportsmanship requires the words, ' I give up.'  Here they are:
                                                                      Cambridge, MA

" Help.  I give up and everyone else around me does !  Is this a sick joke?
There can't be a solution, no less two.  I look forward to the solution to the
Log Stacker puzzle box, even though I can't believe there really is one ! "
                                                                       Long Island, NY

" Hi, my name is Abby.  Boy am I stumped on your Log Stacker puzzle.  I
got my family to do it, my classmates, and even my teacher to do it !  Well,
WE GIVE UP !  So my family, my classmates, my teacher, and I would like
you to send us the solutions.  Our Science and Math and Gifted Education
teacher can't get it ! "

                                                                       Somerset, PA
Log Stacker Puzzle
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