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Jacobs Revenge
Jacob's Revenge        Price: $ 9.95
Letters from our customers...
" I bought your wine bottle puzzle at a Cracker Barrel Old Country
Store quite a while ago, and never figured out how to get that litte
ball into the neck of the bottle.  Please send the solution to the
Cracker Barrel Puzzle before I go crazy ! "
                                                                        Chattanooga, TN
" I received this unique gift from my boss for Christmas and the whole
office was dumbfounded, including myself.  I purposely didn't go to
the web site because I would have spilled the beans prematurely.
But now that we are on Christmas vacation I found the solution and
can spend time teasing friends with the puzzle.  Thanks again for
such ingenious brain teasers."
                                                                        Kearny, NJ
" Would you send me a copy of the official solution to your wine puzzle?
I would really appreciate it.  I tried many times, but I can't seem to get it.
I GIVE UP!  Congratulations - a first rate puzzle."

                                                                        Bayside, NY
" Recently, while traveling through Oregon, I purchased your
unique puzzle, Jacob's Revenge.  Well, you were right, while
creating hours of fun, combined with frustration, I am now
ready to give up and seek your solution."
                                                                       Irvine, CA
" Thank you for your Jacob's Revenge Bottle Puzzle for my 98th
birthday.  After several months of pondering the possible solution,
I hate to admit I must finally give up.  Please send me the solution
so I can rest better at night."
                                                                       Sulligent, AL
" I am writing to discover the secret behind Jacob's Revenge.
My entire office has given up on it, so I would appreciate if you
would let us in on the mystery that is Jacob's Revenge."

                                                                       Narberth, PA
" Our 5th grade class has tried to solve Jacob's Revenge for five
months and everytime, we have been stumped.  We would like to
have the solution to the puzzle."
                                                                       Sophie & Derek
                                                                       West Hartford, CT
" This simple solution you speak of.  I hope it does not involve
breaking the bottle.  I feel like I have tried everything imaginable.
However, when the solution is sent, I will be so angry at myself.  To
send for the solution has been a difficult decision."
                                                                        Baytown, TX
Jerry Slocum, author and owner of
more than 20,000 puzzles, described
Jacob's Revenge as, " the best dexterity
puzzle in decades."  

This classic wine bottle puzzle has baffled
the world since its introduction in 1995!

The object is to make the wood ball touch
the cork.  It may look easy, but the stick
blocks the ball whenever the bottle is
turned upside down.  It's an extremely
frustrating brain teaser, but the solution is
surprisingly elegant!  Measures 7" tall.
Ages 12 to adult.