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Teambuilding activities and games can be a powerful way to unite a group, develop strengths, and improve the team's problem-solving skills. Group team building activities do not need to be competitive. The best teambuilding games for work build team spirit and unity.

In the beginning of the Team Building Exercise, the group decides how many Sudoku puzzles they want to solve as a group during a certain time period. The group then breaks into teams of four. Each team is given a different Sudoku puzzle to solve. The goal is to have each team solve their game and submit it to the group for approval.

Since the game board is large and uses colors, each team member sees the board equally well, but from a different perspective. It's best to use easy sudoku puzzles to keep the game moving fast. Since there is no guessing in Sudoku, whenever a game piece is placed on the board, the player must explain to the rest of the team why it makes sense to place it there. This method of play prevents a game chip from being placed in a wrong spot, plus allows more experienced team members to teach what they know to those less experienced.

After each sudoku game is solved, one member from each team changes places with another team. At the end of this team building event, all team members have had a chance to work together with each member of the group.

Why use Sudoku Royale?...

Sudoku Royale!™ is a fun logic game that uses brightly colored poker chips instead of numbers to solve sudoku puzzles.  This color sudoku board game features a beautiful roll-up game board and 81 casino-sized poker chips.

Sudoku Royale!™ is easy to learn how to play because it has only one rule:
Fill in the empty squares so that each of the nine colors appear only once in each row, each column, and each box.  It may sound easy, but solving it can
be a real challenge.  Every color sudoku game has only one solution!

Sudoku Royale!™ can be played alone, but its giant size makes it ideal for playing cooperatively or competitively with family and friends.  Perfect for family game nights, classrooms, and retirement centers.  It also makes an excellent corporate team building game by fostering group cooperation, communication and problem-solving strategies. 

Sudoku Royale!™ is one of the easiest and fun ways to keep your brain active, engaged and healthy.  It can help people of any age to improve memory, focus and concentration.  Mental challenges like color sudoku can help kids improve their critical-thinking skills.  It can also help keep the brain sharp in later life.

Sudoku Royale!™ includes:

                                  20" x 20" Sudoku Game Board
                                  81 Poker Chips (9 sets of 9 colors)
                                  Instruction Book with 50 Puzzles
                                 Travel Bag

Sudoku Royale!™ also provides an easy way to convert sudoku puzzles from
any book or newspaper into color.  Perfect for sudoku novices and pros alike! 
For Ages 12 and Up.
Sudoku Royale!        Price: $ 34.95
color sudoku board game
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