Sudoku is a number game that requires no arithmetic - just logical thinking and
the process of elimination.  The game is played on a grid consisting of nine rows,
nine columns, and nine boxes.  Each row, column, and box contains nine

The game begins with some of the squares filled in with numbers.  The object is
to fill in the remaining squares so that each row, column, and box contains all the
numbers from 1 to 9.  No number can appear in any row, column, or box more than

Start by selecting a sudoku puzzle in the window on the right.  Use the window's
scroll bar to view all of the puzzles. Click here to clear the board.

The numbered game pieces (above right) can be positioned on the game board
(above left) by simply clicking on a game piece and dragging it.  Position the
game pieces so they match the puzzle that you selected.

The color of the game pieces that you just placed on the board can be changed
by simply double clicking each game piece.  By doing so, your pre-placed
numbers will be a different color than the missing numbers that you place on
the board.

The Gold Spike™ Sudoku game board is comprised of eighty-one squares. 
Inside each square are nine holes.  Gold pegs are placed in the holes to represent
potential numbers for each square. 

To place a gold peg in a hole, simply click on the hole.  To remove a gold peg from
a hole, simply click on the gold peg. 

For more information on Gold Spike™ Sudoku and solving techniques, please
visit our website:

Looking for additional puzzles to solve?  Simple Sudoku makes makes high quality
puzzles and provides tools to help solve them:
If a peg is placed
in the upper-left
hole of a square,
it represents 1.
How to Play Gold Spike Sudoku Online
If a peg is placed
in the lower-right
hole of a square,
it represents 9.
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