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Round-Up Special        Price: $ 5.00
This is the ultimate tile-matching game!  Round-Up consists of
eleven uniquely shaped tiles that have red, blue, and green spots
on the edges.  The challenge is to form a circle and other shapes
while matching the adjacent colored spots!  Includes 11 tiles and
a cloth drawstring bag.  Ages 8 to adult.
Farkle (or farkel) is a fun dice game that is easy to learn and very
addictive!  It can be played with any six dice, but what makes these
dice so special is their size.  These EXTRA LARGE WOODEN DICE are
easy to roll and see when playing with a group of friends.  These dice
were custom made for one of our puzzles.  The dots on the opposite
sides do not add up to seven, and the dice have "DICE STACKER"
printed on them.  Includes 6 extra large wooden dice, instructions
and score sheet.  Ages 8 to adult.
Farkel Dice Game
These wooden farkle dice measure 1-1/8" square.
Much LARGER than standard dice!
Farkle Special        Price: $ 5.00