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Round-Up Special        Price: $ 5.00
This is the ultimate tile-matching game!  Round-Up consists of
eleven uniquely shaped tiles that have red, blue, and green spots
on the edges.  The challenge is to form a circle and other shapes
while matching the adjacent colored spots!  Includes 11 tiles and
a cloth drawstring bag.  Ages 8 to adult.
Sudoku Royale!        List Price: $ 34.95

Sudoku Royale!™ is a highly addictive logic game that uses
colors instead of numbers to solve sudoku puzzles.  The game
features a 20" x 20" roll-up game board and 81 casino-sized
poker chips.  It can be played alone, or as a fun cooperative
game among family and friends.  The game can also be played
competitively with 2 or more players.  Includes nylon canvas
bag for easy storage and travel.  For Ages 12 and Up.

       CLOSEOUT PRICE: $20.00 !!!

giant roll up sudoku mat
Log Stacker Puzzle Box
The Log Stacker puzzle is the kind of puzzle that makes you say,
"I can do that," then no one hears from you for hours, if not days!
It may look easy to get all 13 logs into the wooden puzzle box, but
we are sure that you will struggle with it for a long time!

If you find a solution (one that does not involve a saw), try looking
for another - there are two unique solutions!  Ages 8 to adult.

Our Log Stacker Special may have a small dent and/or natural
discoloration in the wooden box.
Log Stacker Special         Price: $ 5.00