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Sudoku Royale™ is a game where players must figure out the correct colored
chip for each empty square -- guessing won't work!

The game is played on a grid consisting of nine rows, nine columns, and nine
3 x 3 boxes.  Each row, column, and box contains nine squares.

The game begins with some of the squares filled in with colors.  The object is
to fill in the remaining squares so that no color is repeated in any row, column,
or 3 x 3 box. 

There is only one correct color for each empty square.  Place a colored chip in
a square only after eliminating every other possibility.  Never guess!

The colored game pieces (above right) can be positioned on the game board
(above left) by simply clicking on a game piece and dragging it.

Start a different game by selecting a game in the window on the right.  Use the
window's scroll bar to view the games, and click on one to start it.

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How to Play Sudoku Royale Online
Click and drag the game
pieces onto the board!
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