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Many of these sites offer free puzzles and brain games
need Macromedia's Shockwave plug-in, which can be
downloaded for free.
that can be played online!  To see the puzzles, you may
Sudoku is the number puzzle game
taking the world by storm.

Sudoku game rules are simple. Just fill
in the empty spaces so that each row,
each column, and each box contains all of
the numbers from 1 to 9.

Simple Sudoku is one of the best sites for
free online sudoku puzzles.
Angus Johnson's
Free online Sudoku Puzzles
Simple Sudoku makes high quality puzzles that are symmetrical, have a
single solution, and do not require trial & error to solve. The user can also
choose between five levels of complexity - from Easy to Extreme. Each puzzle
is generated randomly so there is an almost limitless selection.

Not only does Simple Sudoku make challenging puzzles, it also provides tools
to help solve them - removing the drudgery but not the fun. Keeping track of
possible values for blank cells (candidates), providing filters and color markers
are just some of the tools available to make solving even those really tricky
puzzles possible. Also, if you ever get really stuck, Simple Sudoku can get
you started again with a discreet hint (without giving everything away).
A Mah Jong style tile game
with Egyptian hieroglyphics.
Jigsaw puzzles
A great collection of free online
jigsaw puzzles.
word puzzles
An excellent site featuring many
thought provoking word puzzles.
logic puzzles and riddles
A devious collection of word games,
logic puzzles and riddles.
How Stuff Works
Would you like to know how a DVD player
works? Here is a fantastic site for anyone
who wants to know How Stuff Works.
Mahjong tile game
An award-winning site featuring a great
collection of math puzzles.
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