Update 5/25/07:  Hamish has not had ANY seizures since we stopped using Bio Spot
5 YEARS AGO, and appears to have made a full recovery.  We are thankful for each day
that he is with us. 

Farnam reimbursed us for Hamish's medical expenses, provided that we accept it as

                          Click here to visit my Bio Spot - Consumer Alert website:


Here are some of the e-mail messages that I have received from others whose dogs and cats experienced adverse reactions after using flea control products.  I have no way of knowing
if the information in these messages is factual, or if the products they used were the actual
cause of the adverse reactions.  

CAUTION: This information is provided for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to
replace professional veterinary advice.  Please consult with your veterinarian before giving
any treatment to your animals.


I used the Sergeant's Gold on my two Boston Terriers and while they did not start the panting and drooling
they did start to itch like crazy and then I noticed bumps on their backs right at the shoulders and made an appointment for the vet by the next day they had turned into oozing sores and their hair began to fall out. I contacted Sergeants and they are going to test what is left of the batch I used on my dogs and I am hoping
they will reimburse me for some of my vet bills from this whole fiasco. Thank you for putting sights like this
up so more people can become aware of the dangers of these flea medicines.

Anonymous  9/26/07


As hard as my heart aches right now, I'd like to first Thank You for continuing to maintain this website, which
is where I first leaned about the adverse effects of biospot. About a year ago, I bought Biospot for my two Peke's from Drs. Foster & Smith online. I Google'd up Biospot, just to be on the safe side, and learned, thru numerous sites that there were apparent issues with the product. Being somewhat concerned, I knew to
watch the dogs after initial application. Both were fine, and never showed any ill effects from the dosage.
Fast forward a year. Two days ago, my wife gave Kia & Bella their somewhat regular dose of Biospot.

As I type this, Bella is under emergency care at the local Vet's office. She was to undergo a blood transfusion tonight with an immediate catheter in place. My wife came home from work today to find her laying in the floor lethargic and very unresponsive to any stimuli. Her breakfast dish had not been touched, her morning treat
was still in its' place on the sofa and the puppy pad was a bright yellow/orange hue. She phoned me in a
panic and I told her to put Bella in the car and take her to the Vet IMMEDIATELY. By the time I got there, the
Vet (Dr. Bruce Crull) had diagnosed her with IMHA. He noted the overwhelming yellow tinge to her belly and
her lethargy and processed blood work immediately. Her PCV is a 9 when it should be more than 30. He
was very clear in the fact that this is a very bad case of IMHA and advised that we should consider a blood transfusion. We instructed him to do whatever it took to treat Bella. She is at the Vet now, alone and in a
cage, without her sister, Kia, and not to mention without my wife and I. My wife is frantic and my trying to
console and reason with her is of little good. I'm not sure what's worse, knowing how dire this diagnoses is,
or not knowing what poor Bella is feeling/going thru right now all be herself...

I have been looking at numerous sites trying to find positive results from dogs diagnosed with IMHA, but the responses thus far are very dismal, so I've stopped looking for the night. While I can't prove that the IMHA is
a direct result of the Biospot, I will always hold in my heart that it IS the reason our poor Bella is where she is
right now. If this post does nothing more, I hope that it will stop ONE person from applying this product, or any like it, to their beloved pet! We did not notice any strange behavior at all until this evening when my wife got home from work. Bella did vomit once yesterday and again this morning very early in the AM, but I attributed
this to the fact that she has vomited every once in a while because she eats so fast and doesn't seem to chew half her food. I wish I would have thought more about what might have been going on this morning. Perhaps
they would have been able to begin treatment quicker which could have slown down the aggressiveness of
the red blood cell destruction....

Thank you again for your site and folks - FOLKS - PLEASE REFRAIN FROM USING BIOSPOT OR ANY PRODUCT OF THE LIKE ON YOUR PET.... It is my sincere hope that this will prevent at least ONE pet from suffering like our poor Bella is.. :(

Jason  9/26/07


to Jason......Jason, your Bella has had a reaction to the pesticides in biospot. She will need a transfusion, perhaps more than one. But, please do not loose hope. Unfortunately, you will be fighting a lengthy battle.
I know because my Choe also after two days following a treatment of Frontline experienced the same symptoms. He is still battling the condition one year later but fortunately he is improving. It has taken quite
a long time to see improvement. You may want to talk to your vet about bringing Bella to a teaching hospital asap. Many regular vets are not as familiar with the treatment protocol and they are not able to transfuse
in their office. With a pcv of 9 she will need to be monitored by a teaching hospital staff. She may need
more than one transfusion. Here is a website where visitors log on whose pets are suffering from IMHA.
You might find it helpful. They all have gone through what you are experiencing. I wish you the very best.
Please keep us posted.

Jan  9/29/07




Thank you so much for passing this [above message from Jan] along to me..

Bella is laying beside me on the couch right now, knocked out. Her PCV is up to 26 and her yellow tinge is fading away. We were able to bring her home as opposed to paying a vet tech $750 to stay with her at the
vet's office from Sat 2pm to Sunday 7am. Bella is still very weak, as would be expected after such a severe reaction, but she is alert enough to begin to roll over as if she wants her belly rubbed and she is doing her famous 'paw batting' when you stop rubbing/petting her. It's like she's trying to reach out and 'bat' at you to
get your attn so you'll keep rubbing. She's done this since she was a puppy and I'm glad to see that she's cognizant enough to do so. I'm still a bit worried because she doesn't have much of an appetite, but she
has eaten a few tiny bites of boiled chicken. Her breathing is still heavy, but Dr. Bruce said to expect this
for a few more days. He is pleased with her progress and feels like she is going to continue to feel better
and better with each passing day.

Out of all the cases of IMHA that he has diagnosed and treated, and he says there have been quite a few,
Bella was the worst, so I' grateful that my wife got home when she did and she called me right away.. I'm
also very thankful that Dr Bruce Crull was the Emgy vet who handled her treatment Wed night. He's also
treated our other Peke, Kia. He recently diagnosed her with a resistant strain of e-coli bacterial infection
in her bladder. She's been urinating in the house for several weeks, but she's also had three bouts with
bladder stones since she was 2 years old... in addition to having ruptured a disc from jumping off the sofa...

Bella actually just stood up on the couch beside me, as if she wanted down so we went outside for a little
potty break.. She wanted to go lay in bed with my wife, so I put her in the bed with her and she laid right
down and got comfy.

Things are looking up, but she's still in rough shape. Thanks to all the readers who have put her in your
thoughts and prayers... she surely needed them.

Jason  9/29/07

James (and everyone else):

I wanted to let you all know that Bella had to have another transfusion yesterday morning. On Wed night
she became very unstable, not able to hold herself up and breathing heavily. To make a long story short,
her PCV count dropped from a high of 18% back down to 6%. Her reticulated (sp?) count was also very
low which means she was not, and still is not, reproducing her own red blood cells. She has no appetite
and is being 'force fed' to some degree. Our regular vet has been really good about keeping me up to
speed with what's going on, as I've been out of town for the last 6 days.

I flew back into town today and immediately went to the vet's office to pick her up. (she's been day tripping
at the vet for monitoring all week) I noted right away that she was more alert and she began licking me and giving kisses right away, which she has not done up to the point, at least to this degree.

Her appetite seems to be coming back. She ate a handful of boiled chicken that was pulled into tiny pieces
and some steak that my mother in law made for her last night. Oh, and when we got home today, she saw
one of her treats on the floor.. she went right over to it, picked it up, walked off and hid it, like she always
does. She looks more alert, is drinking PLENTY of water (mixed with pedialyte) and still seems to have an appetite, which I'm happy about.

The true test will come on Monday, when she goes back in for more bloodwork. I'm praying that her PCV is
up beyond 25 and that her reticulated count is up in the teens. If her counts are still low, Dr. Crull wants to do
a bone marrow aspirate. From what I gather, this is a very painful procedure, but it will allow them to identify
any underlying issues that may be present that are preventing Bella from reproducing red blood cells. He mentioned cancer, which I do not believe to be the case, and some other possibilities that I don't recall the names of. Please say a prayer for my Bella in hopes that her counts begin to climb after this last transfusion
of spun blood on 10-5-07.

Jason  10/5/07


Wanted to give a brief update on Bella.

It's been one month now since my wife found her on the floor, unresponsive, extremely jaundiced and closer to death than we ever possibly could have imagined. An emergency trip to the Vet yeilded that Bella had AIHA, also known as IMHA.. and the prognosis was not good.

She's had TWO transfusions, a daily dose of 20mg of Prednisone, Iron Pills (for the first week), 12.5mg of Azathioprine daily, and 6ml of Famotidine daily since her initial visit. Her blood counts (PCV & Reticulites)
have varied WILDLY from 4 % PCV with NO retic's to her current 33% PCV and 7 to 7.5% retic counts. Her appetite is DEFINITELY back and she's regained the 4 lbs she lost the first two weeks. Her attitude is much better.. She's back to walking around with her tail UP and [arading into the kitchen ANY time she hears the
'fridge open, a bag crinkle, or a cabinet door opened!

We are down to one blood test weekly and just today the Vet, Dr. Bruce Crull, at Murrells Inlet Vet. Hospital, backed her dosage of Prednisone down to 15mg/day. I hope that we have reached that critical 'turning point' where Bella is now holding her own and is able to produce the red blood cells that her body needs. Weekly
blood checks will determine whether or not our hopes prove to be true.

I have attached a small picture of her which was taken the other day while we were headed to the Vet for
blood work..

Thank you again for your diligence in maintaining this website. I am SURE that your efforts to educate via
this medium has saved numerous pets in addition to educating their thousands of pet owners about the
dangers of the neuro toxins found in Biospot, K9 Advantix, Advantage, Hartz products, Revolution and
drugs of the like.

Thank you again! More updates to follow.

Jason  10/31/07

Hi James:

I wanted to give an update to Bella's condition as of 1-15-08.

Her PCV has fluctuated from the mid 20's to a somewhat steady 33% for the last few checks.  Her retic count has also seemingly held steady over the same past visits.  It is now at 4.2%. Still, neither are where we WANT them, but they are holding steady, which is a great sign.  She has gained about 4 lbs from the Prednisone, but
at least her dosage has been backed down to 5mg 1x daily.  She is still on a minimal dosage of azithioprine as well.  She's not panting nearly as bad as she was weeks ago, and she's more alert now also.  She isn't herself, per say, but she's a LOT better than she was two months ago.  Keep in mind that she was diagnosed Sept 28th 2007!  I have learned that this AIHA/IMHA has a L-O-N-G drawn out recovery process for most dogs.  We're just happy that Bella is still with us.  Her sister Kia is just as happy as we are.. :)

More updates to come as time goes by...

Jason  1/16/08


I can't believe all the different reactions that dogs have had to these products. My mother bought Sentry
Pro XFC today at the store, to try and get rid of the fleas on my two 22-pound Dachshunds. But something wasn't right.

At about 10:30pm, I could hear one of them whining loudly from their crate. They never do this unless they
need to go outside. So, I go over and let them out. But when I'm outside, all they are doing is running around frantically trying to roll on their backs and scratch at the spot where the medication was applied. I brought
them back inside, figuring it wasn't anything but them being a little more itchy than usual. But after a few
minutes, I heard one of them start to hack. I quickly ran on here to try and find something out and I'm glad I
did. These products are not safe. I have NEVER had any reaction like this before. I've always used Frontline
and they've been fine.


Deb  10/1/07


We had to put our Miniature Schnauzer (Tazzy) to sleep last week. Tazzy was only 6 years old and suffering
from the affects of AIHA (bleeding internally causing lungs to fill up). One month ago we took her to the vet (because of seizures and fever). They found that she had low blood counts, fever, a slight heart murmur but nothing else. We followed up with another vet the next week. They detected Anaplasa, which is what she was treated for last year as well as having low blood counts. Tazzy was placed on antibiotics. We took her to
another vet 1 week later. Her blood counts were still low and she was very lethargic. The vet put her on a new antibiotic (the other antibiotic was harsh on her stomach) and diagnosed her with AIHA (after looking at the blood cells through the microscope). Tazzy was placed on Predisone to suppress her immune system. One
week or more later she was not any better and had some "boil like" patches on her back. The vet said that
this was either caused from a staph infection or a virus. Tazzy was placed on another antibiotic. She started having rapid breathing that night and it just kept getting worse, so we had to bring her in and put her to sleep.

Back in May (I'm guessing) of this year we changed Tazzy's flea and tick medication to K9-Advantix. I accidentally ordered the large dog dosage and put this on her. About 1 minute later I went to put the package
away and noticed that I had given her the large dog dosage. I immediately washed the area with soap and
water to try and get as much off as I could. Her back and neck area itched for about a week after that. In the following months I noticed that Tazzy seemed a little under the weather around that time of the month when
giving her the flea and tick medication (small dog dosage). In August, she started getting the fever and
seizures a week or so after the August dosage was applied. I became convinced by the time I took her to
the vet the first time that the K9-Advantix may be making her sick, but all the vets would say is that they
couldn't rule it out. I decided that we would go back to Frontline in September, but Tazzy was too sick by
then. I also discussed my concern to my mother-in-law at that time because she had started her 2 miniature schnauzers on K9-Advantix around the same time (my mother-in-law buys whatever flea and tick medication
that I use for our dog and uses that). She mentioned that she was hoping that I would switch back to Frontline because she thought this medication was making her 2 dogs sick as well. As of now, she has stopped using
any flea and tick medication and her dogs are still doing fine.

Ron  10/1/07


I have a 4 month old yorkie whom I bathed in a Sentry Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs & Puppies on
Friday night. Prior to this he was the sweetest most playfull little guy. After going to bed around midnight
I found him in the morning in a full seizure. I am not quite sure when at night it started. He never made a
sound. He has spent two days in the hospital and after $2500 in vet bills the vet is not diagnosing him with
toxic poisoning. They want me to do an MRI ($2200) since they say it is very unlikely related to the shampoo.
He is home with us now but is certainly not himself. He still has a twitch in his nose and is acting confused
like he doesn't know who we are and where he is. If he did get toxic poisoning do you think his condition
will get better each day or has his peronality and mental state of being changed forever?

Lana  10/1/07

Thank you so much for responding so fast. You are a god send. At a time like this I don't know what I would
do without finding sites like yours that let me know I am not alone. This morning the twitch in his nose seems
to have diminished. He is still extremely nervous and weak. I fed him his food by hand since he seems to
have problems picking up his food and gave him water with a medicine dispencer (since he was not
drinking on his own). I am hopefull he will get better.

I was sure that his symptoms were caused by the shampoo after finding the following site:


His symptoms and recovery to date, seem to follow almost exactly what is described. But the vets (at this
point he has seen 4 of them - including a neurologist) just tell me that it is extremely unlikely because of the
low concentration of the neurotoxin (10% permetherin). But he only weighs 3 pounds so I don't know how
they can say that.

Do you think contacting Sentry will help even though his official vet diagnosis does not even refer to the shampoo. I have all the proof including the receipt from Pet Smart that is time stamped at 6:30 pm as well
as all my vet bill (as I mentioned over 2500 dollars worth.)

Thank you again for any help you can offer.

Lana  10/1/07

Well my puppy seems to be recovering. He is eating really well but is still very nervous and I would say almost depressed. But definitely every day seems to be getting better. I have been told by all the vets (he's seen 6 in total) that although they don't know what caused the seizure they are sure it is not the shampoo. They said that the concentration level in this shampoo is so small (1%) that it would be impossible for that to have been the cause. Is there any way for me to test the shampoo to see if there was a problem with the manufacturing and somehow it was mixed with a higher concentration then stated?

It just seems to be too much of a coincidence to have him seizure like that without any warmings right after the shampoo. Plus the fact that he is getting better would make me doubt that there is anything else (neurologically) going on. The vets at the hospital said that the only way to rule out neurological issues is with an MRI (at a cost
of $2,300 dollars).

If you know of any place I could take the shampoo to be tested that would be great.

Lana  10/6/07


Thank you so much for your website. I breed toy poodles and have always used spray on Frontline with no ill effects. I ran out and needed something for my personal favorite (best friend, bedmate, you name it), Patrick, who had 2 fleas and some eggs on his ears. I gave him a bath & applied Sergants Gold flea & tick squeeze on.
I noticed that he ran around, rolling up the throw rugs, rubbing on the beds, etc, but I didn't really think anything about it, since this is his normal behavior when he gets a bath. But by 10:30 pm tonight, he was still running around crazy. WHat really made me think he had a problem was that when we were lying in bed, he would snuggle against me and then kind of jump and itch himself. He did this about every 30 seconds.

I checked the box, lookng for symptoms and found nothing except that some dogs may experience "sensitivities" - what KIND of sensitivities??? His eyes were dialated, he was extremely hyper and you could
just see in his eyes that he was miserable, plus he was chewing a hot spot on his left hip. I gave Patrick a bath
in a tea-tree/lavendar/rosemary clarifying shampoo and gave him 1 cc of bebedryl. Then I fired up the laptop
and found your website.

I am sick, because I know that Patrick is having a reaction. I gave him another dose of benedryl to bring it up
to 12.5 mg for 10 lbs and gave him another bath. He is not very happy with me, but at least he is clean. He is
still chewing the hot spot and is still hyper. It has been 30 min. since the last dose of benedryl. He goes to his water bowl and sniffs it, then runs away. When I get finished with this email, I am going to see if holding him will help him calm down. He is a very calm, quiet little dog most of the time, and to be perfectly honest, I am near hysterical to think that I have done this to him. He had this stuff on about 4-1/2 hrs before I figured it out - I just hope I got it off him in time.

Thank you again for your website - I will keep you posted.


Kristen  10/1/07

Thank you for your email and again for your website. Patrick seems completely normal this morning, thank God. It took about 3 hours for the bebedryl to really work or the poison to start to flush, I'm not sure which. I finally fell alseep with him in my arms at about 4 am. He couldn't rest unless I held him and then he was very "twitchy". When I woke up this morning, he seemed completely normal. My husband woke up in the middle of the night sometime to me crying and Patrick convulsively twitching and when I told him what had happened, he was shocked. "You mean they can sell something that dangerous in the pet department???" I am sure many other people have that same reaction...

That was one of the scariest things I have ever encountered in 10 years of breding. I have very strong, healthy, farm-raised toy poodles. They are all very healthy and have extremely strong constitutions. Patrick has never been sick a day in his life at 5-1/2 yrs old. I fully intend to contact everyone I possibly can about this, and I will also put up a page on my website warning people about these products and offering alternative treatments. We use my homemade tea tree/rosemary/lavendar shampoo with a tea tree/vinegar rinse to completely eliminate lice (works on small children and livestock!) because I am so concerned about reactions to poison. I hadn't used any flea products this year at all until Patrick had these 2 miserable fleas the other day. Fleas in a large pack of dogs, even poodles, can get out of hand really fast, so I didn't want to fool around with it. I won't make a similar mistake again, that is for sure.

I will be in touch again. When I have the page up on the website, I will also let you know about it.

Thank you again for your work. I don't know what I would have done last night without your website. I feel sure
that if I hadn't bathed Patrick twice, that he would have died.


Kristen  10/2/07


Deb and Ron....please don't be fooled into thinking frontline is `fine.' Don't switch the current product you used
to frontline or you will open your pet up to a recurrence. Ron, it is the worse scenario imaginable to loose your
companion animal to AIHA. I mourn you in your loss. My beloved dachshund pal is fighting the AIHA battle as
we speak, due to FRONTLINE. All of the flea control commercial products are pesticide based. Switching
over (from one to another) will not be the problem solver. Switching to homeopathic (non-toxic) remedies is
the only answer. I wanted to respond to your posts because as consumers we have to inform one another of
our experiences and learn from them. Believe me, the conglomerate, powerful pharmaceutical companies
are strictly profit oriented over safety (incredulous as this may sound) and will never reveal full scope of the
destructive nature of their pet products. They will deny to heaven's gate (if they end getting there!) If consumers refused to purchase that would be one method of getting these poisons off the market. Don't believe Betty White's smiling frontline sales commercials.... (she should take herself off of this marketing outreach. My
guess is she doesn't know the truth). Best wishes,

Jan  10/4/07


I have been using Vet recommended flea and tick med"s for years on our dogs and cats with nothing more
than a stinging reaction that lasted a very short time. We live on acreage that causes the dogs to have the
large sheep ticks certain times of the year so Frontline Plus has been the brand I have been using most of
the time. Several months ago I picked up a new supply of Frontline at the local feed co-op which should be
no different than buying it from the vet. All 3 large breed dogs and 3 young cats received their dosage like
normal, but this time something different happened. One of the young cats got what appeared to be a hot
spot in the exact area I applied the Frontline Plus. It did not heal and more started appearing around it's
face. They would bleed and ooze. I checked the other animals and they had very minor but similar reactions
that went away. I eventually took the cat to the vet and they did a skin scraping but found nothing. The cat
was given a steroid shot and when I told the vet it all started after a Frontline application I was laughed at
and told it was just a coincidence and the cat had to have food allergies. By this time the cat had sores
down its neck and in his ears. This was a perfectly healthy young cat getting premium feed.

The steroid shot did calm down the reaction so the cat then received a longer acting Steroid injection. The
sores never fully went away and had started to worsen again after 1 month, along with her weight dropping rapidly so I was getting ready to take the cat back in for another injection which as you probably know has
its own set of problems. Liver problems and shortened life expectancy.

I was at the point of figuring the cat would eventually have to be put down when I got into our animal/livestock med drawer and found an Enzyme supplement (PROZYME) I had purchased a while back for a sickly old cat.
I knew a lot of people swear by probotics (we use them for the livestock) so I decided to give it a try and low
and behold within a week the cat is looking better and the bleeding, oozing soars appear to be healing. In
my honest opinion, I think it could be a bad batch of frontline was sent out and this one cat was sensitive
enough to get a bad reaction.

Will this keep me from buying Frontline Plus again? Probably not but this cat will never get it again.

Sara  10/4/07


I found your website when I started to do some research on what caused my cat to become severely and possibly fatally ill. I went to Petco to purchase flea drops, decided to try Bio Spot as it was cheaper then Frontline. 12 hours later we found my cat having seizures, she was twitching uncontrolablly, urinating herself, vomiting, eyes rolling behind her head and foaming at the mouth. We rushed her to an emergency vet at
11:30 at night. Hours later they came out to tell me she was having a reaction to the Flea Drops. They had
to keep her and as I am typing this almost 24 hours from her first seizure she is still in the vet hospital. They
are not sure at this point how long she will be there or what kind of recovery she will make.

I am very interested in contacting this company but have been unable to find a number. I am heading back
to Petco, mainly for piece of mind to make them aware of the product they are selling. If you can help me
reach the company, I'd greatly apprieciate it, as my medical bills are piling up.

Denise  10/4/07


Believe it or not, your story is giving me some hope for my yorkie - she has received another flea medication
of the same type, but we never suspected it might be the cause of her sudden terrible sickness till my husband suddenly suggested that it might be a reaction to the flea medication.

She has had seizures, drooling, inability to walk, loss of bladder control, extreme lethargy -- to the point that
we were sure she would have to be put down.

We have taken her to the emergency hospital, her regular vet, and the veterinary neurologist -- and the first diagnosis was epilepsy; however, the doctor then said that he thought she had a brain tumor. We have not
been able to afford the MRI that has been recommended to find where the tumor is located. She has had
steroid shots which have helped, but I am now going to bathe her in a very gentle shampoo, and I don't think
we'll EVER use a flea shampoo or medicine again unless it's homeopathic. I am very hopeful that this will be
our little love's lifesaver. We have just been sick about her prognosis.

However, perhaps this will be the answer to the problem. It's unconscionable that the pharmaceutical
companies - both for humans and animals - seem to ignore terrible problems with their "medicines.

Thank you for alerting us to this terrible problem

Mary  10/4/07


I've just finished reading your site on these flea/tick control products and am sickened! I applied Zodiac
Spot On to my otherwise flea/tick free 10 year old cat three weeks ago. He now has scabs all over and
chunks of hair falling out and scratches constantly. I took him to my vet as he was running a fever also
and she immediately suspected ringworm although the tests came back negative. I will call her tomorrow
as now I am certain is was caused by the Spot On. Isn't there something we can do to get these products
off the shelves? It has cost me over $200 in vet bills but I don't care about that - I am just sickened that I
thought I was helping my pet and I harmed him. I will bathe him now with Dawn even though it's 3 weeks
later but there may still be some residue on his fur. Now all I can do is hope and pray that he has no
liver damage from this treatment.

I have written to Wellmark International, the makers of Zodiac but would be interested in knowing what
other action I should take to prevent others from suffering like this.

Thanks for all your information.

Laura  10/7/07


I am so thankful I found this site..My 11 month old little dog almost died this past week..He spent 4 days
in the hospital had a spinal tap and countless blood tests and nothing showed up ..everything was normal.
I had applied Frontline Plus 3 days before the symptoms started.. I came home from work and found him
having muscle tremors, he couldn't walk he would fall over, his eyes were constantly twitching, he was in
pain. The Neurologist couldn't find anything wrong, so they sent him home to die.. I began researching on
the web and came across your site and after bathing him in Dawn within 2 hours his eyes stopped twitching
and the next day he was sitting up looking at me wagging his tail.. I am so upset after spending 2000.00 in
vet and hospital bills and this all happened because I thought I was doing something good to keep him safe
from fleas..If anyone knows who to contact to try and recover some of these expenses Please let me know.

Chris  10/7/07


Of the early hours of this morning my Border collie had a seizure that lasted a good few minutes, he was unconscious, he was doubly incontinent & when he came out of the seizure he did not recognise me & was barking defensively & went to bite me. However once he smelt my hand he calmed down immediately.

Before the seizure happened I was asleep upstairs with my older Border collie who leapt up & woke me,
the minute I heard the sound of my younger B.C failing about I knew instantly what was happening & rushed downstairs to witness the seizure.

The dog that had the seizure is just over one year old, there has never been any sign of epilepsy in this dog which I have had around 11 months, and he competes at Obedience competitions & has never once shown
any signs. However on Friday I treated both my dogs with Frontline, this was the second time I had used this product on them. We went to a show yesterday & although it was warm we made sure the dogs had plenty
water & kept cool, they were not left in the car unattended.

On the way home from the show, both my son & I smelt urine from the back of the car, yet we had given the
dogs a chance to go to the toilet before we left & both dogs are used to travelling, this was a shorter car
journey than normal. Now I realised that maybe my younger dog probably had a slight seizure or absence
then but at the time thought nothing of it, until early hours of this morning.

I have personally witnessed many seizures in humans, as I worked as a nursing assistant for many years
& we had a few patients that were learning disabled & have witnessed at least 3 of these patients having seizures. Although I have only seen one dog have a seizure I am in no doubt what I witnessed. I can only
put it down to the Frontline & am very upset & worried for my dog. He is everything I want in a dog, excellent temperament, brilliant attitude to his work & has a bright future in front of him; I just hope there has been no lasting damage.

I treated him straight away with Bach Rescue Remedy & Bach flower remedy Crab Apple, which is recommended for seizures, as it cleanses the system & the rescue remedy for shock. He seems completely normal but I will be having a chat with my vet.

Julie  10/8/07

Just to give you an update on my dog Gizmo, he was fine all day Monday until 10pm, when he took another seizure; this lasted longer & was more violent. I phoned the vet who requested that we come in the morning
for a full blood test but at the moment there really wasn't much we could do until the Frontline had left his system.

The next Seizure was at 01:30 again lasting longer & more violent. Post seizure, Gizmo was uncoordinated, wandering round in a right circle & very vague & unaware. Sensitive to noise.

03:30 Another Seizure similar to the last one. Post seizure he was having difficulty standing, wobbly, exhausted & very stressed.

I felt that with the pattern he was presenting, the seizures were coming at night when he didn't have access to
be able to defecate & so wasn't able to get the toxins out of his system, thus the toxins were building up. So I
took him out for five minutes on his lead (in case anything happened) he managed to open his bowels, passed as diarrhoea & then settled back to sleep.

The next seizure was at 07:00 this was definitely less severe, didn't last as long & he seemed to recover quicker.

I took him out again, he passed diarrhoea again.

It is now 24hrs have passed, he has had no more seizures & seems more settled, less manic & more like him self. His bowels are back to normal as well.

The bloods, Kidney/Liver function all came back normal & the vet has given him the all clear. He has spoken to the lab & they feel that he definitely doesn't have Epilepsy & the most probable cause is the Frontline.

I have heard from Meriel but I will send them the update of the past 48hrs & see what there response is then & also will provide them with my Vets details.

Many thanks for your support

Julie  10/10/07

I have just received this letter [Page 1] [Page 2] from Meriel this morning, I am fuming, yet again they are trying
to deny all responsibilities what will it take for them to admit that some dogs are having an adverse reaction to Frontline & other spot on treatments. They are just brushing it under the carpet & making profits with an unsafe drug.

I am determined that pets owners should be made aware of these adverse reactions & that these spot on treatments are unsafe.

Julie  10/17/07


I actually tried bio-spot on my animals on Sunday, luckily they haven't had any extreme reactions (I'm seeing
a few rashes on one and my little puppy's a little too itchy at the application site) but they're getting a bath as soon as I'm done writing this. I found this website while trying to find the Bio-Spot website to see if they had
a money back option since the product didn't do anything to help with the flea problem we've been having;
I'm so mad at myself for only checking reviews on sites that sell the product, if I had only typed in bio spot on
my search browser I would have known better than to put this product on my babies. It's horrible that so many people have had the worst of experiences with these products and the rest of the world is unaware. The companies that are selling these products have the big bucks and they publicize their products through so
many venues. we see what they want us to see, and they're doing a good job of keeping the side effects
hush hush. If you see a commercial on TV so many times and all you here is good things it's going to stick
in your head and you're going to want to try it. If we're going to inform people about the hazards of using
these products we have to go about it in the same way as the companies and think big. We need to start
some type of organization to raise money, sell t-shirts, do dog walks, washes, sell home made dog products and treats, any type of fundraising that can get our message out there and get support. We need to do Public Service Announcements, commercials, adds, have known pet loving celebrities sponsor us, and get any
type of publicity that will make people aware. That would be the way to bring down these companies and
if we could get enough supporters interested we'd be able to do it. If anyone has any suggestions or would
want to help don't hold back.

Kaylee  10/8/07


My 11 year old pom died last night. One night after applying sergeants flea & tick. There was absolutely
nothing wrong with him the day before I applied it. He was a healthy dog and now mysteriously he's gone.
The doctor said it was old age...i don't think so.

Lisa  10/8/07


We applied Sergeant's Gold to our daschund. We didn't notice it until later but he began fiercely shaking
his head. It wasn't just once or twice but every few minutes. We didn't connect it to the flea medicine until the
second application. The infrequent head shaking, which had almost stopped, began again. We knew it wasn't
an itch because he didn't scratch, just shook his head so hard we thought his brain would shake loose. We
had taken him to the vet after the symptoms started before. He gave us an antihistamine but couldn't tell us
why Leo was shaking his head. We are now convinced that it is the Sergeant's Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze-On For Dogs. We washed him with Ivory detergent to get the residue off his hair but the head shaking still
continues. We have used Advantix before the Sergeant's but were seduced by the much lower price. I truly believe that Leo was exhibiting symptoms from the Advantix as well but not as severe. The Sergeant's just excelerated what probably would have happened had we continued using Advantix. We never noticed any symptoms from Frontline at the lower weight dosage when he was in that weight range. Here again, his
allergy may have evidenced itself had he not changed weight ranges. We'll never know unless we try Frontline again. This insecticide contains Cyphenothrin 40.0% and Pyriproxyfen 2.0% with 58.0% other ingredients
which are not listed individually.

Leo has also exhibited allergies to certain pet foods during the time period when dogs and cats were dying
from the Chinese wheat gluten additive. This may have been coincidental because there were other pet foods before this that affected him adversely.

Thanks for your informative site.

Jean  10/10/07


My 9 year old seemingly healthy Shih Tzu died a few days ago after my administering K9 Advantix. It is the second time I had used it. We have not had a flea problem in our home in years but got them while at the vet
for one vaccine-rabies. They are required annually in our state.

I had tried all natural means of eradicating the fleas and my vet recommended this. I did not buy it at the time
as I generally research anything chemical that is used in our home. I went to get Frontline that I had used before and they were out so I opted for this and used it unfortunately without research. On the first application the dog who died and another Shih Tzu the same age had a lot of itching and red skin. I assumed it was stirring up the fleas and would subside. Five weeks later after a bath, I applied it again and there was again itching and in hindsight I realize the dog became lethargic and had slight cough. This persisted for a short time and she
began to have rapid respiration and coughing during night. The next AM I took her to local vet who suspected congestive heart failure or pneumonia/lung issues. She was started on Lasix (diuretic) and cough subsided
and breathing improved. He suggested I move her to University based Veterinary Hospital for further treatment and 24/7 monitor and oxygen etc. She seemed stable when sedentary at this point but when she would try to play, she would last about 30 seconds and then lay down panting and would lose healthy color inside mouth. After every test came back negative, they requested to do "scope" that required sedation. She died as she came out of the test. This is a top veterinary school in the US and they had never seen anything that compared
to my sweet dog's case. Now they have sent necropsy samples to state lab and they also say the pathology of the heart is nothing they have ever seen before and have sent it on to another resource for checking that we
will hear from in 4-6 weeks.

I feel quite sure that the K9 Advantix is what ultimately killed my sweet dog and we are devastated. I am interested in any other reports of dogs who had respiratory/pulmonary or cardiac issues to try to piece this together. These seem to be the extreme reaction but I would appreciate any feedback from others.

I also do not find a reporting agency for reporting such incidents other than the manufacturer and I would be interested in knowing if they are required to report adverse reactions to any agency federally. I do not think
they are but I may be wrong. I do find one site for reporting prescription products but not over the counter.
Is there any organization who is working on these reactions to this drug that I might contact or any lab that
would be able to do testing post mortem to ascertain cause of death if it is not determined in the Necropsy.

Thank you so much and I would also appreciate any info on where to post on this subject on other boards or groups so that I can get even more feedback. This sweet dog was so full of life and precious and I owe it to
her to try to uncover the cause of death and hopefully contribute to preventing it for other animals if it was
related to this product or anything else.

Many thanks for any info and for the opportunity to learn from the group.

Karen  10/10/07

Hi James... so sorry to bother you with another post.

I have another Shih Tzu that I think is developing the more serious symptoms that killed my Aggie last week.
I may be at emergency university based vet hospital with her again. This dog also was 100% healthy before
the K9 Advantix.  Before I embark on this again and thousands of dollars of mainstream testing, is there ANY antidote for this?? Is there anything that you are aware of to reverse it once it begins to affect heart/lungs?
I want to suggest that that we not waste time on all the tests again that will show nothing but if there is no way
to reverse this. it seems hopeless for the most part. I am going to Google further the drug and see if anything
is recommended for human toxic exposure but convincing them even after the other dog died that this is the culprit is not going to happen I am afraid. I apologize for yet another question but I didn't feel time was on my side and hope you do not mind my asking in case you might have uncovered info that would be helpful in all
your time of researching this.

Karen  10/15/07

Hi James.. I do not know if this will be helpful to you or not but sending it anyway in hopes it might. I called the ASPCA [Poison Control Center] tonight.. they of course said skin rash etc is all the drug [K9 Advantix] will do.
I got the VET on duty on phone for an hour. She gave me her email below and is skeptical but open to receiving info and I thought I would send her your site and wanted to share the info with you in case you would like to communicate also or send it instead of me if you feel it is worth doing. I am new to this and I know you would likely better present it than I can. :)  You have probably already contacted them many times but sending this update/info in case.

The second email listed below is the President of ASPCA. She said he would be the one to make decision about any type survey etc that might give info to them on this. Now you have to pay $60 to contact them and she says they are understaffed etc and really don't have toll free number for reports but I argued that they NEED the reports in order to protect the animals and that they could even set up reporting mechanism online. Bottom line is Steve Hansen whose email is below is the one who would decide about that.

I also found out from her that Davis in CA is the only vet lab probably set up to test for this. Not sure if this is
right and you may know better info but just passing along what she told me. Sending Aggie's samples to them may not be of any real help since they would expect to find some in the body. It would take a collection of such results and bad reactions for it to mean anything. It would have to start somewhere but not sure it is worth my
$$ right now after these huge vet bills and maybe more ahead with 2nd dog.

That's about it. Forgive the added email... just wanted to pass this along and wishing we could get a LOT of people who had reactions beyond itching etc to write to Steve Hansen and the vet on duty that I spoke with.
See below for emails...

Karen  10/15/07

tmerola@aspca.org vet I spoke with

steve hansen -President/Director of ASPCA


I said it before and I will say it again, it's very troubling to know that the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, which prides itself on being "the premier animal poison control center in North America" and "your best resource for any animal poison-related emergency," is advising people that flea control products do not cause severe adverse reactions in dogs.   Providing that kind of information, and charging people $60. for it, is a disservice
to pet owners who are desperately attempting to save their pet's life.

If the ASPCA is understaffed and cannot afford to offer free advice concerning poisonings in pets,  they should provide a way to report these poisonings online.  That's really an excellent suggestion. 

James TerBush

James and listmates: I would like to ask for any guidance from those who have used Advantix or Biospot
whose dog had severe reaction and who survived. What treatments were done?? I am talking about kidney involvement, fluid in lungs and congestive heart failure along with the other most prevalent symptoms like gait issues and itching. I have noted on many posts that VETS did antibiotics or transfusions and I would like to correspond with someone whose vet has done these treatments.. with or without success. We lost one
precious Shih Tzu 10 days ago and now have other one that is showing the same initial symptoms. We are racing the clock to find out what has worked for others and obviously there is not any protocol out there that is recommended as yet. I do not find contact info on the posts I have read that mention these interventions so hoping someone might read this and share their experiences.

Thank you very much. My pet was treated and died at very well respected university based vet hospital but this was not something they have seen before. They narrowed it to toxins and are awaiting final pathology. I want to prevent the death of another pet if possible in the meantime. I would also like to know if anyone is kind enough
to respond about treatments used, if your dog's labs etc came back normal or abnormal and in what way.

Thank so much again and I pray we somehow find what works to save these pets that have the most life threatening responses as well as all others.

All the best,

Karen  10/18/07


I appreciate finding this information. My dog Sebastian is a healthy vibrant Golden/Lab (who has already survived hurricane Katrina). Two days ago I gave him a dose of Frontline Plus as directed. He has been lethargic, he has felt really warm, his legs seem to be shaky and his breath smells sickening. I have made
an appointment at the vet, I am getting ready to bathe him and see if that helps. Is there any truth to the
garlic myth? I have heard that if you add some garlic to their food, it will ward off fleas and ticks?

Cindy  10/11/07

I followed your instructions.  He was very disagreeable when I touched his back.  I found a large/vertical
site that was extremely raw. I included pictures.  Poor guy, I didn't know.  I have used Frontline on him
before but he has never had a reaction like this.  Have you heard of situations where the dose was not formulated/mixed correctly?  Anyhow, thanks again. 

Cindy  10/11/07


just today, me and my son got our cat back from the vet. she is still on medacation for the next 5 days and
have to up date the vet each day on her condition. i bought sargents gold flea and tick control and put it on.
i noticed the next day she was acting strange and all she wanted to do was hide, she always wants to be
with me and my son she sleeps with him plays with him and goes everywhere he goes. just thought it was strange but then the next day i noticed she was not eating , drinking or going to the bathroom. i couldnt get
her to the vet as they were closed due to the week end. wasnt sure what was wrong with her. monday i
called the vet and told him what was up, i told him i put the flea and tick on her and his first question was
what kind so i told him. then he asked me if she had a sezire, i said i didnt see it. brung her in and found
out that her enzimes in her liver and kidneys were real hi and that she had lost 2 and a half pounds. they
keep her for 2 days. she almost died!!! and beacuse of the sargents flea and tick crap!!! she is still not out
of the woods but better and home. but cost a lot of money that i didnt have to give her a chance to live. it is
a shame that thoes companies can still sell that crap with out a warning label on it, why cant they be held resposable for thier actions? my son just to day started eating and has now stoped crying at nite and the
day. his heart was broken and ripped out . i in tend to go to news paper and hopefully tv , to let people
know of this and other products that have a chemical in it that is very very toxic to cats and dogs... and let
people know not to use these items and inform them of this web site as well.. thank you for the time and
posting my letter... more in about 5 or 6 days....

Dave  10/11/07


Thank God for this website! My 5 month old kitten started having convultions 3 days ago. They started
small around 5-10 seconds of shaking and frothing at the mouth. They progressed to around a minute of
severe shaking twitching of the legs and urinating herself. Afterwards she appeared to have difficulty with
her vision and was completely disorientated, today I was taking her to be euthanised as I could no longer
stand to see her suffer and unfortunately was unable to pay extortionate vets bills so it appeared I had no
other choice. After visiting this website however I realise this is not necessary. I applied a flea collar to my
kitten last week and it seems as if removing this may be a solution. I had no idea a product like this could
cause so many problems. My vet did not mention anything and i believed my kitten was epileptic. I really
hope she recovers. I'll let you know. Thank you once again. Maybe this is not common knowledge in
England or maybe I chose the wrong vet.

Julie  10/12/07


I have a friend that just used Hartz 2 in 1 Flea and Tick Spray on his german shepherd and he is having
seizures and can not walk.  Do you know of any cases like this? Any treatments?  I am afraid he is going to
have to put him down.

Brenda  10/12/07


Animal and cat lovers beware. My two-year-old cat Sugar developed terminal kidney failure and acute
diabetes just a few days after I applied Revolution for the first time. These complications worsened within
a few days and I had to make the terrible decision to have her put to sleep. Has anyone else had the same experience with Revolution? Nothing can bring back my beloved pet but I do want other animal lovers to
know what happened to me.

bdevoe@aol.com  10/12/07


About a week ago we applied a feline flea treatment product [Hartz] to our cats - one is a barely 1-year-old
male and the other is a 8-year-old female. Both began acting oddly almost immediately. The female curled
up in her bed and didn't come down for nearly 2 days. The male began cleaning obsessively and stopped
eating (very odd for him). His nose appeared to be "running". Within 2 days, we noticed that his mouth was swollen very noticeably. Several days later, the swelling is going down but he has blisters and one large
open sore on his mouth. He is still cleaning more than usual but is back to eating and drinking, thankfully.
The blisters are still concerning to me...

And it doesn't appear the product has helped with their fleas.... Sad because they don't go outdoors and
the flea problem was very minimal.

Jessica  10/12/07


Thought I would send you this letter (below) that I sent to Bayer regarding Advantix. Over the years I have
used Advantage sparingly on my 38lb 12 year old, healthy mutt with no problems other than lethargy for the
first day. AdvanTIX however is a another story. I think that Permethrin is a big problem. This has made
me reevaluate the whole flea ointment scenario. I will be using holistic stuff from now on.

I have attached a letter I sent to Bayer but have not heard from them. I would imagine they are inundated
with angry customers.

Thought your readers might be interested.

After 5 days my dog is showing slow signs of improvement.


John  10/17/07

Dear Bayer (and I use the term 'Dear' very loosely),

After speaking to the sales person at my local Pet Food Express Last week and comparing Advantage (which I’ve used in the past) to Advantix I, upon his recommendation, purchased some K-9 Advantix for my previously very healthy, 38 lb dog. This dog, by the way, has never had a day of illness in her life and has always been extremely healthy,

I applied the Advantix on October 10th as directed. Within 36 hours my dog was refusing to eat (for the first time in her life), she started frequent vomiting and then developed a severe case of diarrhea. I took her to my vet at The VCA Animal Hospital who told me that the chemical in Advantix "Permethrin" is both very toxic and highly dangerous to both dogs and cats and that the VCA Hospital refuses to carry Advantix for that reason. I was advised that the symptoms my dog is exhibiting are due to the severe poisoning and terrible reaction to the Permethrin.

After four days of severe illness my dog will still not eat, continues to have very bad diarrhea and is very weak and frail. I am giving her subcutaneous saline injections to keep her stable. I hope she will survive and pull through this episode with no permanent damage.

I have since done some research, which backs up what my vet told me, that your product is highly dangerous and should not be used under any circumstances.

Please tell me why does Bayer, knowing for decades that Permethrin is such a volatile and toxic chemical include it in Advantix and sold over the counter in pet shops?  At $80 for a four-month supply I would certainly expect your product to be both safe and effective…..but firstly SAFE!

I believe that Bayer is responsible for putting a very dangerous product on the market and giving your customers insufficient warnings as to it's highly toxic properties.

After days of worry and receiving a very hefty invoice from my vet I continue pray that my dog survives.

I would appreciate your immediate feedback.


My 8yr old indoor cat has been acting strangely after we applied Sargent's Flea spot stuff on her. In the past week she's gone from a loving, lap cat to barely hanging around us. She spends her nights in the basement
(it is finished) and seems to be ignoring us or rather hiding from us. The other day I panicked, I really thought
for some reason she got outside by mistake because I hadn't seen her for a couple days, only to later find her curled up in the laundry room. She ignored my cat calls and shaking of her food - something that usually has
her running to me. She is eating and drinking and using her cat box as usual but I'm worried. Is this sudden personality change a reaction and should I take her to the vet? If it is from the flea stuff will it subside over time and will my loving cat return to me? Thanks for any advice..
Missing my loving cat.

Anonymous  10/20/07


My dog, with no family history of epilepsy, had five seizures last year.

I kept a diary of every variable I could think of in the time before each seizure. In addition, I normally keep a list
of dates when heartworm and flea control products were applied, as well as vaccinations, etc.

From analyzing this data, the one thing that stood out was that three of the four seizures occurred on the third
day after application of Frontline Plus. One seizure occurred on the 4th day after application of Frontline Plus.
There were no other variables that came close to this level of consistency. In clinical trials, a "statistically significant" sample is often a much, much smaller number than four out of five.

And yet, the vets in my multi-vet practice, as well as the neurologist I took the dog to after the second seizure
and the other neurologist we went to after the fifth seizure, all immediately diagnosed idiopathic epilepsy.
When I walked each vet through my diary of variables, each quickly dismissed the Frontline Plus connection.

My interest is in protecting my dogs from fleas without causing major medical problems for them in the process. Unlike the veterinary industry, I will consider any and all effective options. Not only the ones that provide the largest profit margin to the drug and veterinary industries.

In researching my options in depth, it appears that IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is my best choice. It
does not necessarily involve applying chemicals to pets, especially chemicals with label warnings that caution
people not to allow the product to come in contact with our skin, eyes, etc. and to wear gloves, etc when applying. Am I the only person in the world who thinks it is odd that I am being pressured to apply, on a monthly basis, a product to my pet's skin, that I am warned to not allow to contact my own skin?!

Integrated Pest Management is an approach that demonstrates how the flea population can be reduced 95%. The first step, Inspection - is easy. Put on a pair of white socks and walk around any areas where you suspect fleas live, such as where the pet sleeps, rests, comes in from outside, etc. If you find fleas on your white socks, then get out your vacuum!

Because the next step is Sanitation - vacuuming all areas thoroughly, picking everything up off the floor and off the furniture so you can get the vacuum everywhere that fleas live or rest.

Once all fleas, flea dirt, eggs and larva have been vacuumed and the vacuum bag disposed of in a sealed plastic bag and taken to an outdoor trash can, a flea IGR (insect growth regulator) can be applied to the area (Note - still no chemicals on the pet)

Indoors, the most widely used are methoprene (Precor) and pyriproxifen (Nylar,Archer). They prevent eggs from hatching and larva from developing further. They do not kill adult fleas. For eradication of adults, propetamphos (Catalyst) is needed.

Outdoors, parasitic nematodes ( Bio Flea Halt, Biosage, Exhibit, Vector TL) are used to kill pre-adult fleas. Still no chemicals on the pet.

The next step is Prevention. There are many preventive measures that can be taken to prevent a buildup of fleas, such as keeping lawns trimmed, fencing in yards to keep dogs from roaming in flea infested areas, discourage
rodents, and other wild animals from visiting your yard, since they often bring fleas with them.

We have begun many of these steps, now having tile floors, no carpet, leather furniture instead of upholstered, keeping wading pools for the dogs to lie down in and cool off, as fleas just seem to float off in the water. Same for bathing, we are bathing our large, long haired dogs monthly with a mild PH balanced shampoo and rinsing with conditioner. Vacuuming at least every other day when we can't do it every day and disposing of the bag in
the outdoor trash. Removing all cats and dogs and semi-annually treating the house with Precor and Catalyst. We live in Florida, so treat the house in spring and fall. When we lived in the north, we treated in the spring

For more information about the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach, go to this Ohio State University site http://ohioline.osu.edu/b586/b586_2.html or Google "Integrated Pest Management"

I can't imagine getting Merial to concede that their product is related to the seizures, even though my personal "clinical trial" of 5 animals (3 cats and two dogs) is not much smaller than some of their own clinical trials. I
have only discussed the reaction of one of our dogs to the product, not the cat with serious skin problems following application of Frontline Plus on several occasions. It would be nice to be able to recover some of the
thousands of dollars in medical care that has been spent in treating and attempting to diagnose the problem,
but I have no idea how to persuade a company that large to assume responsibility for creating a problem this

The final straw, the one that persuaded me to write to you, was hearing from my local pet supply dealer about
the many serious reactions, including paralysis, to flea control products, that her customers are also reporting.
I have not explored this further, as I am concentrating on getting rid of fleas here, using methods that do not involve chemicals on my pets.

If there is a way to fight this proliferation of products that are poisoning our pets, and worse yet, with the
blessing of the veterinary industry, which profits highly from the monthly sale of the little pills, I would like to
know what it is. If there is no way to fight it, then I will continue to do what I am doing which is fighting fleas
at their source, and not by poisoning my pets.

Karen  10/21/07


I have a 6 year old miniature poodle. I have given her other flea medicine which would itch a little but she
never got sick. I tried Sergeants Gold yesterday for the first time because it was advertised to be better
than most and has a 5 Way Protection. After I put it on her I went shopping and was gone for about 2 hours
at the most. When I came home I was shocked! She had vomited everywhere in the house. Every room,
coach, bed, anywhere she could vomit she did. It was all fluid as well. Her back was bright red. I immediately
put her in the tub and bathed her. Since it was on a Sunday it was difficult to reach anyone to get attention
for her. I bathed her a couple times with baking soda. She eventually stopped vomiting. However, her back
was making her restless. The only soothing comfort was for me to rub her back. I therefore had to rub her
back all night long. She wouldn't leave my side otherwise she would just roll around on her back moaning
and groaning. By 4 a.m. she finally fell asleep. When she woke up, she was completely healthy. She ate,
we took a walk and she's back to normal. I called Sergeants to inform them and they said she had an
allergic reaction. Well that was the last time I will ever use any flea medicine again!!

Linda  10/22/07


hi julie sorry to hear about GIZMO but the same thing happened to my german shepherd in august this year
but he was not so lucky we lost him.  please email me back.  i also contacted merial and lets just say our
replies are just about the same.

Eithna  10/24/07


Thank you for forwarding Eithna's email to me & I have been in contact with her. She feels as strongly as
I do about Meriel & the other companies, so hopefully we can get something started here.

Gizmo does seem a lot brighter now but his gums are all red & inflamed, I have also noticed that his skin is
hot & itchy too but this is beginning to settle down.

I am just glad that I still have Gizmo; he means the world to us. I suffer from M.E & it has completely turned
my world up side down but since getting Gizmo last November he is like a little ray of sunshine to our family & yes he keeps us on our toes but myself, my son & my older collie Moss have all benefited from Gizmo coming into our family.

I realise that I have been lucky that Gizmo is still with us & I really feel for the people that have lost their animals. We are bombarded with all these products & told we should be using them, made to feel guilty if we don't, as
we naturally want the best for our pets & rely on the vet's guidance.

Maybe we can bring enough publicity so that pet owners can make an informed choice whether or not to use these so called safe products.

Julie  10/25/07

Meriel letter, just arrived!!

I emailed Meriel again after getting mail from Eithna, just pointing out how disappointed I was in them, that
there is research to say that Fipronel does get into the plasma by about 15% & that I could email the data to them. I also added that I was aware that there had been other dogs with the same reaction to Frontline as Gizmo, both here & in America & that some dogs had actually died through contact with Frontline, that they
could not brush this under the carpet. I objected to the fact that they had tried to imply the seizures were
caused by stress from being at the show and that they obviously knew nothing about modern positive training, which produces a happy relaxed dog.

I still feel that I want as many people to know about the dangers of Frontline, for vets to admit it & to stop
hiding the problems but I will let them pay my vet bill first.  Amazing how they have had a complete turn around from their previous letter & now they realise that I will not be fobbed off or taken in by Meriel.

Julie  10/26/07


I am really sick that I put a flea and tick product on my dog because now he is so sick. It is [Sergeants] Natures Guardian... Natural flea and tick...My dog is burnt where the product was applied and has hugh hives all over
him by the second day. He has shakes and now his eye is drooping. He hasnt eaten. I have taken him to the
vet and he received a cortizon shot. He has came home and is not getting up. I am so sick. I have had him from
birth and love my dog as I would any family member. He is 5 years old. I was trying to help him and made him worst. He is a lab and stays inside. I am furious at these companies that sell THAT stuff. Never again. I will just
use plain gentle baby shampoo and pick fleas. We need to really get behind this and try to get that stuff off the market. The product hurt my husband and I just from breathing it. I wish I hadnt used it. I dont know that Max will
be ok...

Sher  10/25/07


I have a pug, a chihuahua, a rat terrier and 5 cats. I have used frontline plus for years. Then approximately 2 years ago ( I am not sure now) I put Frontline on my pug, as usual, I do once in the beginning of every summer, he had a grand mal seizure exactly 12 and a half hours later. Pugs are prone to seizures, but he was 4 years
old, and if they are going to start having them it usually starts much younger than that. I associated it with the Frontline, called my vet, who said Frontline would be contacting me to have my information on file, in case
more cases came up. they never contacted me, but it dawned on me, that the previous year, I had taken my
dog to the vet because he couldn't walk up the stairs, his hind legs were so sore, and that was the day after
we gave him Frontline also. After his seizure, he was the same way, could barely walk, hind end debilitated.
I gave it another shot this year, when I could closely observe him, and though he didn't have a seizure, he was extremely sore again. It's always his hind end. I am wondering if the production of this product is no longer closely regulated as it's becoming higher in demand and over produced. Previously, we had no problems.
My other animals do just fine on Frontline, though I have opted out of using it unless it is ABSOLUTELY
necessary. My mother's cat, lost hair at the application site, and then lost so much weight I thought she was dying of cancer!!! When my mom and I realized it might be associated with Frontline use, we waited, and
sure enough, as the Frontline wore off, the hair grew back and she gained back her weight....Pesticides for
pets is really not a great idea, no matter how safe the company says they are. And truly, they should have
some SERIOUS warnings on this product if they even consider continuing its production. IF you intend to
dose your animal with these flea products be sure you can be home to observe them for a few days.

Jessica  10/25/07


Sabre's story.

In April of this year, I first used Frontline spot on.  I have 2 German shepherds.  It all seemed ok until 72 hours
later.  My male started having mild seizures.  He had never shown signs of fits before that day and was a
healthy 45 kg. As he was bigger than average, I used 1 40-60 kg pipette on him.  He had a few seizures for
about 3 days mostly at night then they just stopped.  I did think it might be the Frontline as it was the only thing new we had given our dogs.  My bitch was fine in April.  Tia came into season and they mated and Sabre had no more seizures until we Frontlined them both again in June about 10 days before the pups where due. Then like before Sabre started having mild seizures after about 72 hours and like before they lasted for a few days then stopped. So now I was sure it was the Frontline so that was that, no more Frontline for Sabre.  I did tell my vet about it when I took the pups in to be checked over and he said it could not be the Frontline.  He had never heard of it having that reaction on a dog, but I was sure.  Sabre was doing good again, no more seizures, so I left him until August to make sure the Frontline had left his body, then put him back on Program which I had
used before with out any problems. But we did Frontline Tia with the last dose I had for her and the pups,
before they left me for their new homes, and we kept Sabre away from them over night.  So on the 21 August
we let Sabre play with them again thinking it should now be safe as it had dried in, but on Thursday night going in to Friday morning of the 24th Sabre had a seizure again and was restless for a few hours, then seemed ok again. We went to deliver a pup to Folkestone late that morning and Sabre was still fine, no seizures after the 1 in the night, so we thought he would be ok. We left our 16 yr old at home with the other pups and Sabre and Tia. It was about a 3 hour round trip, but within 30 mins of getting to Folkestone I got a text message saying Sabre had a seizure, so we left for the trip home.  While on the way home, my son kept phoning me as Sabre was having more seizures and they were getting stronger and lasting longer.  Some lasted about 4 mins.  As soon
as we got home I phone the vets and we took Sabre there. He had another seizure before we left, lasting a few mins.  We got him into the car and drove to the vets.  While waiting to be called in, Sabre had a seizure in the back of my car.  We got him out on to the grass and I ran in and told the nurse Sabre had just had another seizure.  We then got called into the vets but Sabre could not stand or walk properly his back end was gone,
so we helped him in.  We put him on the vet's table, his breathing was very fast, and again I told the vet it was
due to the Frontline but he still said no.   By now Sabre was flat on the table so we carried him through the back where it was cooler while we talked about what to do. We did think about trying medications but I said it would not help as it was the frontline, not just normal seizures.  Sabre was totally flat, no life in him, breathing very fast but shallow, so thinking back to that day now I think his organs must have been shutting down due to the amount of seizures he had that day, so thinking it would be best for Sabre we had him put to sleep.   When his pups were just 10 weeks old, he was only 4 years old.  I then contacted Merial and told them what had happened
and, like my vet, they said it could not be the Frontline.  It was just his breed, but he had never had a seizure before I used Frontline.   A few weeks later, I found this site and was very shocked to find out this had been going on for years.  I emailed Merial again and told them so.  The only letter I have had from Merial says that Frontline does not cause seizures.  Ha ha, what a joke.   I'm still emailing them weekly but they have not got
back to me once.  Guess they just think I'll go away, well they are wrong.  They killed my loving pet and I will
keep on at them as long as I live.  I have emailed the kennel  club and await their reply, plus animal meds
and noah and I'll also keep on at my vet.

Eithna  10/28/07


We applied Sergeants Flea and Tick to our Havanese on Friday night, over the weekend he became increasingly restless and crying. He has been admitted for IV fluids and observation. We hope he will be
OK. Why doesn't somone contact the media and notify everyone of this tragedy.

Tami  10/28/07


It's almost 3:30 a.m. in California and I am up with my 6 dogs because of the reaction they are having to Sergeants Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze for dogs. I bought the product at Wal-Mart

The professional looking packaging reads perfectly with the same objectives as the more expensive brands,
so I thought I would try it. Also, I trusted Sergeants brand, but, never again! I will warn everyone with my experience.

I applied the solution to my dogs at 7pm and around 1 1/2 hrs later - one of the dogs started vomiting this white foamy stuff. We couldn't figure out which dog it was. Until we noticed one of the dogs was acting very hyper - running around, and rolling around the floor and blankets as if he were fighting some imaginary object or thing. He seemed disoriented and distraught- and he was twitching a lot too and scratching where the solution was applied. We kept an eye on him and thought he just wasn't feeling well, but, in the back of our minds were alarmed because we knew this was not normal behavior.

About 1/2 hr later - Another dog did the same. Then this domino effect ensued with all the dogs. One of the
dogs kept looking into the water bowl and scratching the water as if it were her blanket and was trying to get
underneath it. The symptoms with all the dogs were white foaming drool at the mouth and vomiting of white foam, twitching, feverishly scratching where the solution was applied, disorientation, hallucinations, extremely
hyper. They also went from mild to moderate aggressive behavior toward imaginary things or one another- to crying /yelping loudly to whimpering. They were definitely in a state of distress.

I was so shocked to see this thing happening to my babies! I had never seen anything like it! - I was really scared!

After desperately trying to figure out what it could be, I eventually started thinking of the possibility that it might
be the flea and tick solution. I am so mad at myself, because, IÂ wasted about 1 hr or so of valuable time to figure it out and they could have died!

I immediately got online to see I could get any info at all about this so called medication.

Thank God I found your website. And thank God also for the contributors who unselfishly volunteered there
horror stories so that pets may be saved.

I took the advice and immediately washed them all with mild dishwashing liquid and lots of water. After a few hours of this chaotic horrifying experience, my pets seem to be calming down. They are still experiencing
the same symptoms (except for the vomiting) only a lot more milder now. Like me, they are exhausted - I can here them whimpering in their crates as if they are having bad nightmares.

I am experiencing extreme guilt that I tried to help my pets and unknowing almost killed them because I put my trust in this product. Sergeants has been around since I was a kid and we always trusted their products. What
are they doing? Going to China or some other third world country to save a buck to produce this junk at the expense of our beloved pets?!

I am reading the leaflet in the product that brags that - SERGEANT'S GOLD FLEA & TICK SQUEEZE ON FOR DOGS has ALL (not SOME but ALL!!!) of the same ingredients as:



K9 ADVANTIX - available at vet
BAYER ADVANTAGE - available at vet
FRONTLINE PLUS - available at vet

I am outraged that this is continuing to happen and that this poison is allowed to be sold at all. Please tell me
we are going to GET THIS POISON OFF THE SHELVES. Let me know what I can do to help bring this about.
Again, thanks so much for being there.

Phyllis  10/29/07


I found and read your site...it's really let me know that I'm not alone in this. Can you please post this and help
get the attention out that this product can kill cats.:

Sergeant's Skip-Flea & Tick Shampoo for Cats....KILL

I've had my kitty since she was born and she was my world and best friend. She was only 16 and never got
to see another year. She was healthy and in such perfect condition until I used this new bottle of Sergeant's
Skip-Flea & Tick Shampoo for Cats. I used this on my cat on Monday, October 21 at about 2pm. At 1:45am,
she was having seizure and her pupils were so wide, that her eyes were completely black. She was limp, cold and looked lifeless.   I rushed her to the vet hospital and  the vet said the shampoo contained high doses of a toxic  chemical called Pyretheum. From what I have recently read, this chemical is TOXIC TO CATS and should NOT be used on them.  At 10am the next morning, my cat died. I feel she suffered and her life was taken away.
I need help in trying to find out if this has happened to other cats. This can't be legal to sell if this is causing this reaction and it contains toxic chemicals. I've been reading online that other  shappoos from Sergeant's have caused cats to loosed their hair and burn their skin. Something  needs to be done about this so more cats
don't suffer and die. My world has been ripped apart. I have lost my best friend in the most horrible way.
NO CAT should have to DIE OVER SHAMPOO!! No animal should!!

I would be extremely grateful if you could help me,

Sara  10/29/07


We almost lost our cat to this product [Sergeants Gold] - to seizures, violent screaming, recurring paralysis,
loss of bladder control. We purchased it at Wal-Mart in Brooksville. Our vet saved his life, and in doing so said that the single most common emergency work with cats was the result of the use of this and similar products.
He also stated that veterinaries everywhere advise against these products. I seriously doubt that the $200+
vet bills will be recovered, but I do plan on a number of letters that will surely make a few companies and
government agencies uncomfortable. If my cat had passed, the notes would have been from an attorney!!

R. Sherman  10/29/07
Brooksville, FL



ANONYMOUS  10/29/07


My two dogs were treated with Bayer Advantage 20 at the beginning of September this year. It is now
October 31.

After a week the female had distemper symptoms and the male had enlarged lymph and salivary glands.
He still has the enlarged lymph and salivary glands, despite treatment with antibiotics. He also had vomiting, diarrhoea and some coughing. In fact, both dogs have had some coughing. The first one had full blown distemper symptoms, including hardpad, but with the exception of hard skin on the nose. She is still not
back to normal.

It seems that, although the dogs had not been vaccinated against distemper for two years, the vaccine
was in their system and the poison from the Advantage overloaded her system and produced the symptoms
of distemper.

It was just too coincidental for their illnesses not to be linked to the Advantage treatment. I spent over $2500 treating the female dog and about $500 treating the male. In the case of the first dog, she was attended by
two different veterinarians, both of whom felt the illness had been triggered by the Advantage treatment.

They are still not back to normal after two months, constant nursing, and $3,000 worth of vet’s fees. Yesterday, all of the female’s feet swelled up and turned almost bright red, and the dog screamed when I touched her, she
was so full of inflammation. I am treating her homoeopathically now.

I do not think this product is safe. I contacted Bayer, and of course they insist that the product is perfectly safe, despite the warnings on the package.

In April this year it became mandatory to report an incident with pesticides in Canada. I have reported the Advantage 20 problem that I had with my two dogs and the government is looking into it.


Pest Management Regulatory Agency/Agence de réglementation de la lutte antiparasitaire 2720 Riverside Drive Ottawa, ON, K1A 0K9 1-800-267-6315 613-736-3799 www.pmra-arla.gc.ca

Could you post this information on your website please?

People must report any reactions to pesticides. This is the only way we will get better and safer products.

I believe there is also a reporting body in the USA. I see lots of complaints on the internet about flea control products but, unless people report it to the government, animals will continue to get sick and die.

Jean  10/31/07


Applied Sergeants Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze-on to our Malti-Poo, who is like a member of our family.
Same symptoms less than 30 minutes after application, foaming, vomiting, drooling, acting crazy & hyper panting etc, all the same symptoms in the post left 10/29 by Phyllis.

I felt so guilty because I spend a lot of time on the Internet, am used to looking for these possible reactions in family medicine and didn't think to do so here and "assumed" because this was an over the counter product it would be fine for my pet.

When my wife was crying because of the way Shue-Pei' was acting and how sick she obviously was, and we frantically washed the medicine off her, I felt 2 inches tall.

After a sleepless night, our dog is fine and acting like nothing happened.

I'm glad I found this site and sorry for those that didn't pull through as well as ours did and cannot believe this garbage continues to be sold in such a cavalier fashion.

I will never, and will encourage everyone I meet NEVER to buy this type of product again. I'm wondering if there are dogs out there who haven't had this happen to them now that I'm aware of this.

JJR60616  11/1/07


It was a long battle but Max made it!!!

Seventeen days ago I applied a new product (Advantage Multi treatment) to my two cats Max and Missy,
to get red of a flea problem.  I usually use Frontline but the vet told me Advantage Multi treats heart worms
and ear mites as well as fleas. Max did have an ear mite infestation some time ago so I decided to use
the Advantage.  Big mistake!

Two days after application Max failed to sleep in his normal spot and from then on for 14 days slept
excessively; developed diarrhea; vomiting; refused to eat or drink and had trouble walking.

At first I thought he had eaten something bad, but buy the third day, when he started having trouble walking,
I realized it must have been the Advantage, so I took him to the vet.

The vet found that Max had a temp of 105 and prescribed subcutaneous water and a appetite stimulant,
a inter muscular shot of Valium worked instantly and Max ate 1/2 a can of food right there and the other half
at home.

At home I continued giving Max fluids under the skin and Valium pills before meal time.  In the eight years
Max has been with me, I have never seen him in such a terrible mood, growling and hissing if touched. At
one point I didn't think he would make it, he just wasn't eating enough even with the Valium.

After about 10 days I noticed Max was responding to his name (his ears and tail would twitch).  At day 12
he started to eat and drink on his own and each morning became more active and alert.

It's day seventeen now and he is almost back to normal, playing and purring and starting to make up for
lost mealtimes.(he lost about 3 pounds).

My other cat only developed diarrhea, so it appears to affect cats differently.

After doing research on the active ingredients of Advantage Multi, I discovered Max's symptoms matched
those reported for Moxodectin, except for the seizures, which I believe is due to the lower than recommended
dose I gave Max, Max was 15 lbs and I gave him a dose for a 5-9 lbs cat.

When I found this web site, I was furious that the same drug that was pulled off the market, (Pro Heart) due to
its adverse reactions, was being used again in Advantage Multi.

Moxidectin is a powerful pesticide and is completely absorbed through the skin in 6-12 hours, and it takes

Needless to say I will view all new treatments, vaccination and advice from the vet, (I have since changed vets) with much more caution.

I hope that this post will save many cats and their owners from going through this extended nightmare.

Joel  11/2/07

Here is an FDA Warning Letter that was sent to Bayer on June 11, 2007, concerning a TV ad and other promotional material which minimized the risks associated with Advantage Multi:


Here is an excerpt:

"The Division of Surveillance has reviewed a 60-second direct-to-consumer (DTC) television advertisement
(TV ad) entitled "Field Trip" for Advantage MultiT (imidacloprid/moxidectin) for Dogs, NADA 141-251. This
TV ad misbrands the drug within the meaning of 502(n) [21 U.S.C. § 352(n)] of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act ("Act"). This TV ad minimizes risks associated with use of the drug and fails to reveal material facts about the product in violation of the Act and its implementing regulations. See 21 CFR § 202.1(e). By omitting and minimizing the risks associated with Advantage MultiT for Dogs, the TV ad misleadingly suggests that Advantage MultiT for Dogs is safer than has been demonstrated by substantial evidence or substantial clinical experience."

"We have also reviewed exhibit booth materials from the March 17-21, 2007, AAHA meeting in Denver, Colorado, for your Advantage Multi™ (imidacloprid/moxidectin) products for Dogs and Cats. The promotional piece for the products, produced by Bayer Health Care LLC, was located in your exhibit booth at the conference. We consider the exhibit booth materials to be misleading because they fail to reveal relevant risk information. Therefore, the drugs are misbranded within the meaning of sections 502(a) and 201(n) of the Act."

James TerBush


Dear Mr. TerBush:

Thank you for forwarding e-mails about adverse incidents with pet
insecticides to us. I pass them on to our pesticide incident database
manager so that we have data upon which to decide if further regulatory
action is needed and to back up any actions we take. As you may know,
the process for getting a registered product off the market is a lengthy
one; and with sufficient data, it is faster to get the manufacturer to
remove the product voluntarily -- as in the case of the Hartz Advanced
Care products for cats (EPA Reg. Nos. 2596-146 and 2596-151).

One thing that would help us tremendously is if you could ask people
reporting incidents to include the EPA Registration Number in their
reporting of the incident. There are so many registrations that use
different product names that it is difficult to capture all of the
incidents attributable to a given formulation without the registration

Although it may seem at times like EPA is slow to act, our hands are
really tied by laws that are in place. We, too, hate to see even one
animal hurt by a pesticide product.

Thank you for your assistance in our efforts to protect pets from
adverse effects of pesticides.

Diane D. Overbey
Communication Services Branch
Field and External Affairs Division
Office of Pesticide Programs
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Phone: 703-305-5018
Fax: 703-305-5558



I have a 10+ year old diabetic Newfoundland bitch who was doing ok, despite complications of her diabetes. She used to get Frontline for ticks here (new england). Last week my husband applied Advantix b/c the vet
said they had new recommendations for flea & tick control. Within 48 hours she stopped eating (SHE ALWAYS EATS HER FOOD), was vomiting and very sick. The next day I took her in to the vet for blood tests and some
of the liver tests were so high they were off the charts. She was very sick. Over the past 2 days she has resumed
eating and next week I will take her in to see if her liver tests are better. We are convinced this was caused by the Advantix. I will never again give a flea or tick medication.

Hester  11/4/07


I recently gave my 7 month old cat Frontline. We had given it to her twice before, but spilled more than  we applied. This time, I held her better to be sure I got the whole dosage on her fur. Within 1 hour, she started
acting strange, almost halucinating. She would "slink" around on the floor, acting like a "scaredy cat" and jumping at things that weren't there. She would act terrified of a slipper, or something ordinary on the floor.
She has never experienced anything like this, and is normally a friendly, very happy cat. I called the
Emergency vet, and they said that it absolutely could not be the Frontline, even if she ingested it, or even if
she was given the dog dosage by mistake. It just seems coincidental that she acted this way immediately
after. As the day went on, her mood improved, but she's still a little jumpy 2 days later. Have you ever heard
of this reaction? I'm afraid to give her a dosage next month. Thanks.

Karyn  11/5/07


hi james we now have a printer that i can scan with here are the 2 letters [Page 1] [Page 2] [Page 3] [Page 4]
i got from merial they are nearly the same as julie's letters.

eithna  11/6/07

I am glad to hear that Merial is now offering to reimburse your vet expenses.   Here is a website that discusses
idiopathic epilepsy:


Here is an excerpt:

"The purpose of this article is to review what is currently known about the mode of inheritance for canine idiopathic epilepsy. As explained elsewhere in this web site, there are many causes of seizures in dogs (and humans) besides genetic epilepsy. These include, but are not limited to, head injuries, exposure to toxins, infectious diseases affecting the central nervous system, metabolic disorders, tumors, and more. Dogs should only be considered to have idiopathic epilepsy after these other causes of seizures have been ruled out by a thorough diagnostic work-up."  (emphasis mine)

James TerBush


               If your dog had a severe adverse reaction to Bio Spot Flea & Tick
              Control (or any similar product), or if you have found a safer way to
              control fleas & ticks, please let me know.


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