The tiles form a 6 inch diameter circle, and have the same look and feel as dominos. Walnut-finished wood tray included. Ages 8 to adult.
This matching tile game consists of eleven uniquely shaped tiles that have red, green, and blue spots on the edges.
Christmas Puzzle
Round-Up    Price: $ 12.95
The object is simple.
Just fit
the tiles together
to form shapes and match the adjacent colors!
The tiles can be arranged in many ways to form a circle and other shapes, but matching the adjacent colors is harder than it looks.
Round-Up is one of the best solitaire games!
    A Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award Winner!
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Try to form these shapes and match the adjacent colors!
Click on a shape for a larger image.
Round-Up is a fun tile game that will put your critical thinking and
problem solving skills to the ultimate test!
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